2 programs in same time


Is there a way to start 2 programs in the same time. I’d like to perform running longer 3 days and 3 days for musculation

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Have a nice day and training



Hey Dan,
Unfortunately it’s only possible to have one active journey. Maybe the (translated) “lose weight with HIIT and running” may be a good compromise for you?

thanks for reply!
I just finished it. It is a good one but not what I’m looking for as next :smirk:
Thanks !

I feel you, I’m having the same struggle. I want to following a muscle building training journey but incorporate running as well. Too bad Freeletics does not have a combination of it, yet. Let’s hope they can make it more modular down the line. Cheers


If you had the old Freeletics Gym or Running standalone apps then you should be able to re-download them and use your coach days from that in addition to the main FL app. They were released and taken down years ago, but just throwing it out there