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Hi, I recently started ‘fit for life’ and i AM 5 weeks in. Its alle bodyweight training and workouts.
Now I want to add a running schedule besides the fit for life’. How can I add running excercises to the fit for life’ programm, so that the coach integrates those. For now I do a three times, fit for life. I want to mix it up, 2days running 2days excercises

Hi Patrick, I’m another user who adds running to my freeletics regimen, but I’m normally doing 3 days a week coach days, and I’m going out for a run 1 or 2 days a week for RUNNING GOD or according to my mood sometimes doing FREE RUN. also I’m recoriding these runs to freeletics mainly, but I do not know if the coach calculates them for my on going journey. Anyway your question is good I think!

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As far as I know, such kind of mix is just available within the Hybrid Running Journey.
If you want to add some Running to your Journey, you can also allow it via Coach Settings. But this would not generate you regular runs.

If you choose your own running gods via god’s overview, these will all be taken into account by coach. Except for a free run.


Thanks. If I add running to the coach and want to build soms muscle just to look fit, are endurance runs the wat to go, or better short explosive sprints?

As far as I know, running is not the right way to build muscles. It is for loosing fat. But someone with more knowledge could prove me wrong.