Why cant i subscribe to 50% of coach for 11th birthday

I received an email about the 11th birthday deal for 50% of lifetime coach, but it wont let me subscribe, how do i do that?

Hi @hgriff, you should have received an email from our support Team, please check your emails :))

Hey, I have the same problem: Received an email advertising 50% off, but there is no way to claim the offer anywhere.

Same issue here with the email offer for 60% discount.

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I had the same issue - all week I kept trying but it would keep bouncing me out and would not connect to the β€œ60% off” lifetime subscription - now it’s expired!
As a loyal customer I’m really disappointed the offer was advertised but but accessible and there is no contact number or email support or even AI to assist??
Freeletics can you please send / refresh a link to those struggling with this due to technical issues? Thanks, Ben

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@svlacic @srvf2z9bjs @benjmurphy I have sent a DM to each of you :))

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