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I have posted this in the feedback forum but did not get any reply, so trying here…
IOS (latest version): I think the adapt session should move to different location on screen after you started your workout, as it is now it is there ALL the time, right until your start your cool down! whats the point in that? do you think i will adapt my session just before cooldown!? it takes the most acceessible part of the screen , looks to me like bad UX , PLEASE fix this

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Hi Shay,

This isn’t really a bug, but the issue in general is something that we have been looking at.


Hi Ben,
Thank you for repling

Hi there :wave:

I completely share @shayc42 's opinion.

When I start a session I would like to have a “focused” view rather than the “overview” with the days, progress over weeks and workout suggestions.

On “small” screens like on my Pixel 3a, it is very annoying from a UX point of view.

Thanks !

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