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I’m really enjoying using Freeletics and its coach. I got one point that I worked like to be improved. During a training when I switch from one interval to the next one I need to scroll down to that interval instead of having the focus and being able to just tap on the “next interval button”.

Hi Christian,

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Yep, this is sooooo annoying! It has been requested multiple times already but has not been fixed or improved… It actually got worse :frowning_face:

This is currently on the top of my Freeletics shi list of improvements :imp:

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Hi Freddy,
Thanks for the hint. I would love to see that change in the app. Is there a way to upvote such feature requests?
Thanks Chris

Well, we could ask @Ben what he thinks about this and if this is something that’s being looked at behind the scenes.

Other reports:

Please please fix this :pleading_face:

Also just writing on it in the forum let’s them see that it’s a problem more people would like to see fixed, but yes the A/B Test did that better.

In my opinion changing the “adapt session” button is only necessary before strating a training. In the training this could be changed to “next interval” as it is always visible during the training

Thanks @Freddy :pray:t2: We are looking at this topic @here :+1:t2:

It will be hugely helpful, if you have not already done so to answer the questions in the post below in that conversation :+1:t2:


Thanks @Ben,

but I’m on iOS and have no hands-on experience with the new layout. I don’t feel qualified to comment on that. :man_shrugging:


Hi @Ben,
I’m also on iOS. If there is a Testversion as well I’m happy to assist.