UX Flow in sessions

My big issue with the UX is that when I finish a set, I’m taken back to the Personalized Training Session page and there’s a big ADAPT SESSION button that I try to hit every time.

When I hit “Finish Workout”, I want to go to the next set, not to the Personalized Training Session page, scroll down, and find the next set. And I don’t want an Adapt Session button getting in the way. (Put that up in the corner or something. If I’ve already done a set, I don’t want to start over with an entirely new session.)

Current workout flow:

  1. Scroll past the motivational quote, photo, and workout info
  2. Avoid “Adapt session” button even though it’s right in my face
  3. Click “Dynamic Warmup”
  4. Finish set, return to today’s workout page with a bunch of clutter at the top.
  5. Scroll past the motivational quote, photo, and workout info
  6. Find the next set and click on it
  7. Click start and start workout set
  8. Finish set, click “Finish workout”
  9. Scroll pas the motivational quote, photo, and workout info
    10… etc.

I don’t want to have to see all that clutter. I don’t want to have to go back to the main page after every set. I don’t want to have to avoid the “adapt session” all the time.

The flow should go as follows:

  1. “Today’s personalized training session” [Start warmup] (no scrolling unless you want to see the details. Offer “Adapt session” button.)
  2. [do set] Click “Finish set”
  3. [automatically goes to the next set] Click “Start set”
  4. [repeat sets until finished]
  5. Click [Finish workout]

I 100% agree with this workflow. The less fluff and clutter the better.
To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a motivational quote until you just said it here. Once I’m going, I want to be able to keep going without any interruptions until the end.

The only thing I’d like to include is once you complete an interval, bring up a summary of the next interval so you can prep equipment and see the movements. Then you can hit go.


Yes, please!!! This is so annoying.
I just recommended the same as a feedback on the poll they are doing. But you described it way better than me. :slight_smile:

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Great summary @hahnchen ! Agree!
Actually, in the current step (4) you now have to hit that button ‘finish workout’ (after tapping/swiping before), then you see a summary and then you have to hit ‘Finish’ AGAIN! (Attached)


I’m in the middle of my training and am in the flow. Full focus.
I will study the summary & data - later when I cool down and review. In all detail. Trust me :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What I so need though is an overview of exercise and equipment needed beforehand: I need to know whether I need to go outside to a pull-up bar or elsewhere for sprints - and what equipment to pack.


I just signed up on this forum to write about the same issue. It is so frustrating to deal with this in an otherwise well designed app.

Completely agree with moving the Adapt Session option to some corner or even hiding it inside a menu (how often do people use it anyway? Is it so much that it warrants a huge button on your face every time you open Coach, even mid workout?).

And the scrolling issue as well. Why can’t one just move forward to the next set without returning to the Coach page and scrolling through all the clutter?

I hope to god they fix this soon. It’s quite annoying.

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Totally agree with this comment. I’ve almost gone to the wrong next set several times as I need to scroll down past all the unnecessary info. I’d love to hit finish and say how the set was then just go to the next set.

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