Adapt your Bodyweight training session

If you need to adjust your Coach assigned training you can use the “Adapt session” feature which appears at the bottom of your Coach session. To do this you need an active internet connection.

To learn more about this feature, take a look at this short video and then read further to discover how you can use this to adapt your training.

Please note that if you are doing a Hybrid Strength or a HIIT & Run Weight Loss Journey, the below only applies to your Bodyweight sessions. You will have fewer options if you are doing a Weights or Running session in a Hybrid Journey.

Depending on your Training Journey and your Coach session, you can select one or more of the following options:

  • I don’t have much time* - indicate the maximum time you have available for training today and the Coach will reduce your session accordingly
  • I don’t have equipment - all equipment is removed
  • I don’t have space ***** - all distance related exercises are replaced, e.g. 20 meter Lunge Walk
  • I can’t do a run - a new session is assigned excluding runs
  • I need to train quietly* - exercises that create noise such as Jumps will be excluded from your session
  • I want a different session* - your Coach will generate an alternative workout
  • I want to exclude certain body areas - you can select up to two muscle groups and receive a new workout that will be less focused on these areas of your body
  • I want to change the difficulty* - this option allows you to generate easier or harder workouts that better fit your preference and current fitness

Click on “Create new session” to generate your new workout.

** You will not have this option for the Hardcore Training Journey.*