Adjust your Bodyweight Journey preferences

The Coach preferences are your general workout settings you select before starting a Training Journey. All upcoming training sessions are created based on your preferences. You can adjust these at any time by clicking on the settings icon at the top right corner of the Coach tab.

You also always have the ability to adapt your current training session without changing your overall preferences, using the Adapt Session feature.

Navigate this page to learn about the following:

Training days this week

In your Coach settings you can choose to train from 2 to 5 times each week. You can change your preferences at any time and your settings will be adjusted immediately. If you are unable to complete your Coach session on the scheduled day it will automatically move to the next calendar day. Please note that your session will be saved on the date it is completed. When you wish to train on a rest day, you can select and start your next scheduled Training session. You should aim to be consistent with your training for maximum results.

Include/Exclude equipment

You can activate and deactivate any of the following equipment according to your preferences:

  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Resistance bands
  • Wall
  • Jump Rope
  • Foam Roller
  • Low Bar
  • Pole
  • Box
  • Stick, Towel or Cord
  • Pullup Bar - once enabled you will be asked to specify from the below options:
    • I can hang from the bar with my body fully extended.
    • I have enough space above the bar to perform Muscleups.
    • I have enough surrounding space to swing from side to side.
    • My bar is secure enough for jumps and swings.


Please keep in mind that we suggest including exercises with equipment in your training to allow your Coach to create the most effective and varied training plan.

Exclude exercises

In order to exclude certain exercises from your Training Journey* you can use this function. You are able to exclude up to 10 exercises. We recommend that you include as many exercises as possible in your Training Journey in order to get the most varied and comprehensive training experience.

You are always able to access any exercises you excluded in your Coach tab on the current day by tapping on “Single exercises”.

Disable sprints and runs

Although we suggest including sprints and runs in your training plan, you have the option of excluding them from your training. Switch the “No sprints or runs” button on or off to adapt your training plan accordingly.

Train in a limited space

If you intend to train regularly in an enclosed space, you can exclude all distance related exercises e.g. Lunge Walks, Burpee Frogs from your Coach plan. To do that just toggle the “Limited training space” option.

Enable quiet mode

Use this option to exclude exercises such as Jumps, that are likely to cause excessive noise, to ensure you have a quieter workout.