Add connectivity with Garmin Connect


I use Garmin Connect to track all my sport activities and it would be terrific to be able to import the result of a session into the Garmin Connect app.

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Hi Ben,

I use my Garmin watch to track every session using the Strength app. Doing that you basically have 2 options: start and end the session on your watch at the same time you start and finish your Freeletics session, or start/stop on the watch for every exercise. Some Garmin watches even count repetitions and recognize the exercise, so you get that information in Garmin connect as well.



Yeah, that would be great! I currently track my workouts as HIIT, but an automated sync would be better.


What’s missing? Garmin user here as well, the data eg heartrate is way accurate than the assumption in kcals from Freeletics.
Garmin is even able to detect the exercises.

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Add the activity. What I currently do is start a HIIT activity at the beginning of the workout, and stop it once done. Would be good if the activity (start/end) could automatically be synced with Garmin.

I don’t want the calories to sync, just the activity itself with start/stop time.

That would be the cherry on top of the cake to make Freeletics perfect! I use “Pilates” (no gear, at home, and quite a beginner athlete), I might not have chosen right seeing what you people choose… It’s annoying because it’s only got 1 move (whatever move that is) by default… It would be grat to have it sync with your actual sessions!


Hello Team,
Please use the data of the smart watches to get more information about the completed training. Pulse, spo2, cadence, etc … the whole sensor stuff!
Especially the GPS data would be great for the running workouts in Freeletics. Who goes running with a smartphone when a smart watch e.g. from Garmin sits on the wrist?
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Yes, totally…

I am waiting since my first apple watch that freeletics takes usage of the sensors like GPS, heartrate, oxygen, movements etc and syncs it with their training and the COACH.

Please make it finally happen with Garmin :pray:


This really needs to happen. It’s so annoying that the two data sets can not be combined.