Connectivity with Garmin and other wearables

Hi, firstly I think the app overall is great and has really helped me improve my overall fitness and health. One enhancement I would love to see though is connectivity with Garmin devices for the running programs. Running with your phone is not always ideal (especially in the tropics!) and I find it very frustrating trying to use with the intervals etc. if possible this would really open up the running journeys for me.

Many thanks!


Je vote pour aussi :+1:

I’d agree but I think it should sync with multiple wearables. I use a Polar watch and a wahoo HR monitor

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Creo que se debería de poder subir los entrenamientos a STRAVA, ya que es la mayor comunidad de entrenamientos y puede ayudar a mejorar mucho a sus usuarios

Yes , that will be great.

Really miss that option too!