App confusion when finishing God workout


this is going to be a bit complicated, please bear with me …
Since my phone is in German, I’m translating the screen elements. Those translations may not be correct, I don’t know the english terms in the app. Sorry.

Current behaviour
Only for God workouts :exclamation:

  • Do a God workout and finish it. This will take you to the Feedback screen.

  • Send Feedback, you get the summary screen.

  • Scroll down to the Leaderboard (“Bestenliste”)

  • Click on one of the other athletes in the Leaderboard
    :point_right: nothing happens

  • Click Finish
    :point_right: jump to the other athletes profile

  • Click the Back button
    :point_right: takes you back to the Start of the God workout

Expected behaviour

  • This behaviour is like this since a few month. Last year (or so) the app jumped to the exact same God workout in the other athlete’s profile allowing a nice comparison between their and my times.
  • Also, the Back button should bring my back to the Coach page, not the start of the same God workout.

Technical Details
Apple iPhone SE 2020, iOS 16.0
App version, Light Mode
German, Germany

Anything else?