Completed exercise but didn't conclude on app

Hi there, I completed a workout section but didn’t fully conclude via the app. I had reached the feedback section and never put throught my final response and the app now shows this exercise as having not been done. Is there anyway around this, ideally also retreiving my time for the section. Many thanks!

Hey David, welcome to the Forum :wave:t2:

If you didn’t complete the workout past the feedback screens, right past the “Post training” screen then your workout won’t have been completed and saved.

Once you hit the :heavy_check_mark: in the top right hand corner of this final screen (shown below) , your workout is completed and saved.

No worries though, you can still mark this as completed manually. Video below will demonstrate how :point_down:

If applicable, i.e. you are adding a God or part-God, or a standalone workout from the Explore section manually, you will get asked to enter the total time it took to complete or, in the case of an AMRAP workout, the number of rounds you were able to complete.



That’s great, thanks so much for the help, great advice. The app is fantastic and WAY better than a gym!


No worries! Glad to have been able to help out :+1:t2:

And thanks for the feedback-keep crushing it! :muscle:t2: