Apple Health integration

I am using myfitnesspal and have noticed that apple health is writing onto MFP calories associated to my Freeletics routines. This values recorded look very high. Is this accurate or do I need to change a setting? Thx

Hi @all1 I guess you should ask this the support of myfitnesspal. Freeletics isn’t sending any calorie number.

@melaLetics - I think the question is about the active calories that Freeletics writes to health for each workout, which it does do (at least for iOS). Ever since FL released this feature for iOS, I noticed that the active calorie count seemed high. It seems to me that they are trying to take the after burn affect into account. Personally, I stopped letting FL write workouts to apple health when they removed the Apple Watch support since it can’t be accurate without my true HR data. Instead, I use FL only as a guide and track a workout in the workout app on my watch. This works well since my watch also captures the after burn affect through my increased HR throughout the day. If you don’t use the Apple Watch, then the high calorie count is actually pretty accurate since the intensity of FL causes you to burn more calories for the following 24 hours and that can’t be captured by the phone through steps and movement readings in your pocket.

@AOhReallyUh Did this change in the last updates? According to thisFreeletics isn’t providing any calculated calories.

Thanks for pointing that out @melaLetics - It looks like I was wrong.

I was assuming that FL was providing the calories (they do ask for the ability to write active calories in the health permissions). It is odd that Apple seems to over-estimate the calories from FL but I did notice that. Even if FL is not directly providing calories, they must be providing some sort of data to FL that apple health is using to estimate calories which is causing them to be higher than expected (in my experience, by roughly 10% when compared to tracking on my watch directly).

It’s also worth noting that it has been well over a year since I turned off FL sync to apple health.

maybe based on the kind of workout selected bei FL to report to Apple Health

Hey everyone,
The calories calculation is currently made depending on the body weight and the duration only. At this point, no other parameter is taken into account. The good news is that it’s already planned to improve that calculation it in the future.