Best option for tracking calories

Hello Atheletes,

I use the app with iPhone and Apple Watch.

I track my exercise to know how many calories I use when doing Freeletics.

There are two ways to do that :
1: use the automatic fonction in Freeletics app to transfer data to Health app of apple. The transfer occurred every time we close an exercise on Freeletics.
2: désactivante the automatic fonction in Freeletics, and launch apple exercise on the Apple Watch when starting training

My question is simple : what is the best option ?

I have the impression that during the first option the expense is overestimated. Maybe the data overlaps with that of the Apple Watch?

And if we go for option 2, which exercise I need to select on my watch ? HIT ? Functional renforcement ?

Thanks you for your answer.


Hi Quastana,

you only have option 1 I’m afraid, the Apple Watch app has been discontinued.
Here is the english version and here the french.


The freeletics application does not intervene in the calculation of calories.

Freeletics app (main app) juste say to the apple watch we are in exercise, then the watch use exercise apple app to estimate calorie with their data.

So, my question stay the same :smiley:

Ah, I think you are referring to starting a workout on your Apple Watch independently. This is possible :+1:t2:

I don’t honestly know which the best option is, but essentially you can:

  1. Record the workout independently of the Freeletics App on your Apple Watch. Essentially you can start to record data like this on your Watch by starting a workout ( I would suggest HIT but it’s not always the case) in the Workout app-this way all your HR, estimated calorie expenditure etc is sent to Activity and the Health app. I would make sure you disconnect any connection between Apple Health and the Freeletics app in your app settings-otherwise you will get data from both the workout recorded on your Watch, and the data synced to Health from the Freeletics app.

  2. Just allow the connection between the Freeletics app to Apple Health, and Apple will estimate calorie data based on the workout in your Health app.

The below response provides maybe a bit more data :point_down:t2:

And, as pointed out by @Sushant in the same conversation, wearables are notoriously bad at estimating calorie expenditure :point_down:t2:


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Hey @Leschtroumpf2a, further you what has been said already, I wanted to share my experience using a FitBit watch.
I think the underlying features are the same even if there are different brand. I usually activate the weight exercise mode when I’m lifting weight, use the “circuit intervals” when doing a FL intervals, and “workout” when doing a God.
Even if the actual numbers of calories is not accurate, as you are using the same method every time to calculate your calories burnt, your benchmark is the same. So even though the number is not accurate, you can actually see if your burning more or less than the previous workout, as you’re using the same mean to do so.

It’s not great but at least I know if the intensity I put in was more or less than my previous training.

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Hi @Leschtroumpf2a - I had toyed with the same question for a long time and agreed that the Freeletics calories seem to slightly overestimate the caloric burn compared to the workout app on the watch for some reason (even though this is calculated by apple based on HR, and I do not know which is actually more accurate). Freeletics will also only count the time that you are actually exercising and each section of a coach day counts as an individual workout. This can be good or bad depending on how you use the data in the workout app. I sync my workouts to Strava from health and my followers got tired of seeing 5 workouts come through every time I did a Freeletics coach day so I switched to the second option, using the watch workout app to track. I use the Functional Strength workout on interval days and HIIT on God days.

Ultimately it is a personal preference, but both options should work. I recommend playing around with both and seeing what works for you.

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Agree with that !

I think the most important is to use the same system to have the tendency.

Thank you for your answer.