Individual Exercise Calorie Count Bug

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:point_right:t2: Individual exercises are not included in total calories burned. The problem is that suddenly, some applications that use this total do not take into account the individual exercises in the calorie total (eg FoodVisor).

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:point_right:t2: Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

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:point_right:t2: iOs 16

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:point_right:t2: lattest

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:point_right:t2: French

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:point_right:t2: France

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:point_right:t2: Every day

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Hey Quastana :wave:t2:

This isn’t a Freeletics bug.

The Freeletics app doesn’t provide any calorie burn estimate either within the app or that gets shared with other integrations/apps.

This was also discussed a bit in the topic below :point_down:t2:


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Hello, thank for your answer.
My question its not about estimation, and accurate of this estimation.
Freeletics add calories and exercise in Apple HEALTH APP, and the integration of this data is good in HEALTH APP.
But in tier app like foodvisor, data are not take into account.

Hey, no worries. I don’t think I was perhaps clear enough.

The Freeletics app does not share any calories to Apple Health. Apple Health is providing this data, not Freeletics.


Ok, now it’s me being totally confused.
Because in this post it’s said differently.

Yeah, I also read that as being slightly different to be honest.

All I can reiterate is the App doesn’t estimate any calorie burn, which is one reason why this isn’t shown in the app. If it did, we would show this.


Ok i understand now how it work, freeletics send information to apple exercise when starting, then its converted in calorie at the end of the exercise.

I think the calories burned during individual exercises are completely overestimated when we use bodybuilding exercises (BENCH PRESS, DEADLIFT, SQUAT…).

I think the application asks Apple to estimate the number of calories using the “HIT exercise” but during bodybuilding sessions we are no longer in HIT.

For example, after testing, if I use the freeletics application only for my session, it defines around 800 calories; if I use the exercise application of the apple watch by selecting “traditional bodybuilding” the watch brings up 450 calories burned.

What do you think about that ?