Apple Watch bug

-Description of every single step you made until you encountered this error-what did you do, what happened?
:point_right:t2: Some exercises are too long for the watch display and creates a “scrollable page”. That makes that every time I watch to hit the “Next” button it makes me scroll. So to go to the next exercise I need to Awake Watch → Scroll → Hit next button.
Even if I see half a button on the watch screen, it doesn’t let me click on it. (See picture)

-What is the brand and model of your mobile device? (for example iPhone 13 / Galaxy S21)
:point_right:t2: iPhone 15 Pro Max / Apple Watch SE

-Which operation system is your device using? (for example iOS 13 / Android 11)
:point_right:t2: WatchOS 10.5

-Which version of the Freeletics app are you using? (for example 6.37)

-Which language is your app set to?
:point_right:t2: English

-Which timezone/state/country are you in?
:point_right:t2: EST

-What date and time did this problem occur?
:point_right:t2: January 13, 17:30 EST