As an end user I would like to see in an Exercise the weight and repetitions of the same exercise from last time


In order to achieve steady improvement (and thus promote progressive overload) it would be helpful to see the last work status (date, weight, reps) of an exercise.
This serves both the incentive and possibly the manual adjustments if the AI does not increase independently.

An example (see also photo) current interval exercise are dumbbell flies.
The overview shows me that last time I did 4 rounds of 2x7kg with 8 repetitions.
For the current exercise I decided to do 4 rounds with 2x8kg at 8 reps. The AI did not include an increase.

Furthermore, statistical visibility to the progress of an exercise would also be very helpful.
I think the AI already pulls this information in to help the athlete progress.

I hope I have made my request clear and I look forward to feedback.



I agree with you 100%. To do this I use an android app called FitNotes where I manually enter the weight and number of sets and reps each time. This way I have control over the progress and can adjust the coach intervals. Obviously I would prefer this feature to be integrated into Freeletics.

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Yeah it would be great to see a Graph per Exercise!