Still no weighted exercise history

Why there is no weighted exercise history??
I can not see any PBs or max reps for weight exercises. This is crucial for a training app, and I hate it so much that this is still not available. Only they add some score, for what?

Its emberassjng!


Hi there.

Until now I haven’t think about that.

Are you talking about something like PB with barbell lunges?

People. Need. See. Progression.

If they will not figure it out soon, I’ll find some time in September to design it.


To see my progress with loads I have to use an android app called fitnotes. Basically I have to enter the weights and repetitions for each exercise each time in order to have a training diary. It is certainly not the most practical method and surely a similar function integrated in Freeletics would be really useful.

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Yes, the app only show saved time related exercises or bodyweight exercises. We need to see progress in weight exercises too. It is really necessarry for progress.