Lack of Detailed Weightlifting History in Fitness App

Dear Freeletics team,

I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration regarding the absence of a crucial feature in your fitness application: a detailed history of weights used during exercises. It’s baffling that users cannot track their personal bests or the maximum repetitions for weightlifting exercises. This functionality is not just a nice-to-have; it’s a fundamental aspect of any serious training app.

The current inclusion of some ambiguous score system does not suffice nor does it serve the purpose that a comprehensive exercise log would. Such a feature is vital for tracking progress, setting goals, and maintaining motivation. Its absence undermines the utility of your app for anyone serious about their weightlifting journey.

It’s embarrassing to see this oversight in an otherwise promising application. I urge you to prioritize the development of a weightlifting history feature. Your users deserve better.



You are definitely right. I solved it by using a free app for Android called FitNotes. I enter the weights and the number of repetitions each time and can keep an eye on the progress and best adjust subsequent sessions. However, the lack of a training diary and a minimum of statistics within Freeletics is something I really miss.

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