Auto Sync & Video Quality Options

I wanted to know if you guys agree with having a auto Sync option so in the case you don’t on the app it can log your activity you did for that day. I went for a run on a day that I didn’t have to use freeletics and used my smartwatch to track my run. Since I didn’t open the app that specific day it didn’t not log in my run. It’ll be cool to have it.

Another thing is video quality. At times it downloads the vid but it freezes too much while I’m working out at times. I don’t know if that from my end or it’s how it downloads but I’ll see if I can provide proof. Well on the topic it’ll be cool to integrate auto download at St a specifies quality so we don’t have to always press a button to do so. Like if the workout you are about to do has videos it’ll auto download (toggling the auto download option) the videos in a quality you feel is best(480, 720, 1080). Sound good?