Many doubts! Help Please

Hi I just started using the APP and I am a bit lost… So hoping the community can help. The APP recommend me a training and when I started I just realized

  1. that there was no time to perform the exercise, is that normal?
  2. I see that also there was nos sound of the trainer counting you how many repetitions you performed? Is possible to activate a count?
  3. Is possible to change exercise automatically without touch the screen?

Thanks for your help!

Ad 1) it depends on the journey. Sometimes it is limited by given time, sometimes by reps number

Ad 2) as far as I know only starting snd ending countdown is provided

Ad 3) i think it is not possible

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I’ll just make this very clear :+1:t2:

Very normal, in fact it is pretty much the standard. Usually the only time you will come across timed exercises in intervals is in the Kettlebell Journey.

Get 10 people in a room and tell them to do 10 burpees for 6 sets, you’re going to get wildly different times. The Coach wants you to do x reps, not as many reps as you can within a set time. It’s not a race, so take your time to do the assigned reps correctly.

No, there will not be a count of your rep count. In order to do this the app would need a completely separate camera module, some kind of motion tracking software to count your reps etc etc. You’re talking about a completely different app and a level of cost many times above the current Training Coach cost.

You simply have to count the number of reps you complete, and move forward in your interval from there.

No, not for any interval that is not timed. There are however occasions when the app will do this, but only for a small number of timed workouts, and especially cool-downs.



Thanks both for your answers.

@Ben regarding the counts I was just asking for if some exercises they just count reps regularly like 1 per 2 seconds or something like that, as you said probably the app don´t have that level of configuration.

It is very annoying to getup and touch the screen to change the series/exercises is there a way to at least use a command voice to go to next series/exercises?

Best Regards.

no there isn’t an option to use voice command or something else. I believe it is possible now with the apple watch but apart from that, you need to touch the screen.

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