Back button reset page position

Hi, on all workouts exploring, when I click on the back button, the page is anchored at top position and not where I last left it, which makes me scroll again to the last position I was to explore more.

I’m exploring god workouts and filtering muscle groups and entering each one to see if I want to do it, when I click on back, I am back to the top of the search results and not where I was, which makes me need to scroll again


« Bug » presents for (too) many months, and honestly I still do not understand what is the benefit of it.
Hope to see a « progress » soon


Right? this app is almost perfect!
On the app page on google play the devs wrote: “let us know if you find some bugs, we will fix them faster than you can do Aphrodite.”
Well, I have done 40 Aphrodites since than and no cigar :slight_smile:

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This doesn’t happen to me (iPhone), it might be an Android-specific bug.

Although there is some encouragement to report bugs via the forum as well, I feel like bugs are better checked when reported here:

It happens also in IOS, at least for me too.

I’m using iOS as well and I’ve the same issue. Thanks for the link

Thanks for the link, just submitted a bug and they asked me to send a screen recording (which I did).
Hope to see it fixed before I can do my 61st Aphrodite :wink:

Hope it’ll be fixed

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I really hope as well.

Yes! they fixed it.
Thank you

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the issue is fixed on your side??

no change on mine, strange that it seems to be a specific bug on my side only…

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I am a beta tester (Android), so there is a good chance that this update will role out soon to all users.
But, on the beta version they released, it is fixed

thx for the reply, I’m beta tester on iOS and nothing yet. so let’s hope it will come soon

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