Ban the Perfect Week Streak Badge

How sad it is, to lose such a streak, I fully understand and support this idea.

I myself was just going to write a feature request for the Perfect Week- and Week Streak Badge, suggesting to reward the Perfect Week Badge after only two sessions, so that if you planned more, but due to changed plans, only did two, you still got the streak. I was going to propose to add another, non-streak, badge, which was rewarded once you completed a week with the amount of sessions you had planned.

However, I got redirected to this post and agree with all points mentioned:

  1. I haven’t yet been sick long enough to miss a streak, but went on vacation I couldn’t train during. It’s almost devestating losing such streaks;
  2. Altogether, workouts you do that weren’t made by the coach don’t count towards the streak, making it for a feel-bad experience when deciding to train on your own (without the coach);
  3. Altough I never worked out in group, I can see why one would prefer to train what the coach proposed, to secure the streak;
  4. I almost feel like the coach should plan a week off, but the streaks are a motivation to keep going, even though one needs rest, sometimes.

I do feel like the Perfect Week badges should stay, as to provide motivation to complete a week.


I just had a thought:

What about a badge that you get after completing two perfect weeks in row?


  • You start off your first week, completed all planned sessions: you get a Perfect Week badge
  • You start and complete your second week: you get a Perfect Week and 2 Weeks in Row badge
  • You start and complete your third week: you get a Perfect Week and 2 Weeks in Row badge again
  • You get sick, couldn’t complete your fourth week: you get no badge
  • You complete your fifth week: Perfect Week badge
  • You complete your sixth week: Perfect Week and 2 Weeks in Row badge gained!


This way, you are still motivated to keep working out week after week, but resting doesn’t feel nearly as punishing because you’re not losing a huge streak.