What to do: keeping streak or pushing the hell week?

Hey! I am finishing Explosive Strength. But… I am running for my 20 weeks badge (this week) and today I finished all the regular sessions - only hell week sessions are in front of me. But next weekend I am going for a week-long hike in the wild, so I know for sure already now that I can not do 7 days-in-a-row of hell week when I’ll start it this week.

I could: a) start hell week and get my 20-weeks badge (while loosing my hell-week badge); or b) postpone my hell week to after the hike, but loosing my streak. Right? Is there any way I can put more regular sessions into my training journey so they will count to my Perfect week score?

I know, I know, they are just badges, but they really motivate me! :smile:
Thanks in advance!

You can do it this way and you won’t lose the hell week badge. You’ll get the last one even you need half a year for the hell week.

As fas as I know the hell week badge is for finishing a hell week and not for finishing a hell week in seven consecutive days.
I often shorten my hell week due to some time issues and do it in five days. Back in 2019, I had to take a two week pause in between the hell week due to a flu - the badges were introduced later but the counter is correct.
Some of my community often have their hell weeks splitted in two calendar weeks (with seven consecutive days).