Didnt register streak

Hi, I have now been working out for 10 perfect weeks so I was looking forward to my 10 week streak. But I didnt register and it took me two weeks to realize as I was waiting for badge to show up. Maybe its because I accidentally didnt complete some part of training in the app or didnt click finish workout, I dont know. But is there a chance to do anything about it and ask support to fix it for me? Theres probably just one workout that has to be checked as complete and its frustrating to start over when I know I did everything. Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

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Let me try to explain first of all of how the “Perfect week streak” is measured. The Coach compares the number of days that you said you would train at the beginning of the week, to the number of days that you actually trained that week.

You do need to train at least the number of days that you stated at the beginning of the week-changing the days to a smaller number part way through a week and not training the number of days stated at the beginning will break your streak.


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This is not exactly correct from my point of experience. You can decrease the number of coach sessions during the week - as long as you do so before you begin the last actual training session.
As example, a three sessions coach week can be decreased to a two sessions one after the first but not after the second session in order to keep the streak alive.
I did so many often (when I felt of getting sick at the beginning of the week and I saved the streak this way for already more than 100 weeks).

Other way round works exactly the same: you can loose your streak by increasing the number of sessions during the week before the last originally planned session and in case you don’t manage to do the extra additionally planned session.

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Hi, first of all thank you so much both for responding. In my experience, I can also reduce the number of training days midweek and if I complete them then I still get the perfect week. Not sure if it worked like that before. However, my problem is that I probably accidentally didnt complete the session in app even I did it in the real life. That is why I was wondering if support for example can help me fix it backwards, so I can have the badge. Slim chance I know, but it just feels bad having 10 week streak wiped out when you know you did all trainings.

The batch is “calculated” directly afterwards your training - so I guess there is no chance to fix it backwards.

The coach session will be closed automatically if done completely and if the end session button wasn’t hit when leaving the app (without posting the session). I faced this some times.
So I guess you missed either warmup, a finisher session or cooldown that day. As I never faced that situation in real but in this case the session shouldn’t be closed and still open the next time you are in the app.