Barbell Lunges are not excludable

They are not in the list of exercises you can ask the coach to exclude. I’m guessing this is just an oversight?

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It’s not possible to exclude ANY weighted exercises in any of the weighted sessions. This goes for each of the weight journeys, so Barbell, Dumbbell and Kettlebell.

So, not an oversight or bug :+1:t2:

Why do want to exclude them out of interest?


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Curious choice. What was the thinking behind that decision? Also, there actually are three types of dumbbell lunge and one kettlebell lunge in that list.

I have a chronic injury that means that I shouldn’t really do lunges. But if I adapt my session, it throws the baby out with the bathwater and turns it into a bodyweight only workout.

Hi @s.tailor , if you have a chronic injury, you should maybe talk to your health professional and ask them what exercise you should replace the lunges by.
That way you’ll know the specific exercise you should modify it with whenever you have lunges assigned.

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