Be able to feedback actual weights/reps achieved

When a set is too heavy or too light - be able to feedback weights and reps actually achieved so that coach algorithm can calculate next workout more accurately.

The old version used to do this but currently I am only able to say it was too heavy/too light without any more refined data like reps and weight.

Hi @marcell.owen welcome to the forum!

What journey are you on? I believe this function is already in the app, I was on the Hybrid Strength JOurney for more than a year and I always had this feedback.

The feedback may be phrased like “how was your form” but form is a function of weight as if the weight is too heavy, your form would be impacted. I believe that’s how the Coach gauge whether or not the weight is too heavy now.


Hi there

I’m on hybrid strength training journey. Barbell based for weights plus a body weight session once per week.

Each weight set I am asked to check two boxes to say if weight was ok , too heavy or much too heavy , light or much too light.

I also check a box to say if form was poor ok, good , excellent

So yes it does ask for some feedback. However it does not ask for the reps and weight you managed like the old Freeletics Gym app.

So for example it may set 3 sets bench at 32.5kg of 12 reps each - yesterdays workout.

I only managed 3 sets of 27.5kg for 8, 8, 8 reps with excellent form

So I checked box for Excellent form and the much too heavy box as I didn’t manage any reps at the prescribed weight.

The algorithm will work better if it knows exactly what I did achieve. I’m guessing next week it will give me 30kg for 10 reps based on my feedback which will still be too heavy!

The Gym version of the app does ask for weights and reps if you don’t achieve exactly as prescribed.

I switched from Freeletics Gym App to this app as it has more varied journeys.


Hi @marcell.owen , I see what you mean now!

And yeah this possible in the app. If you modify the weight you’re using during an exercise, you can tap the « C » button on the top left hand corner to tell the Coach what weight you are currently using.

Then all your feedback will be based on that new weight you just input.

I Hope that helps!

Cheers will give it a go!