Beginners need to start somewhere

Hello I’m new to Freeletics - I have currently selected the hybrid running sessions and I was wondering what other people are doing with regards to adding extra workouts to the one automatically selected by the « digital coach ».

For my level (beginner) the automatic daily sessions seems to be of approx 20/25min and was wondering if other people prefer to add additional workouts and if the proposed training will increase with time in line with the natural progression / fitness. Appreciate anyone that wants to share some thoughts, experience. Thank you!


PS. Can I also add a swimming session to be recorded in the app?

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Hey @mrcooper :raised_hands: the estimated time for your daily sessions will get more and more accurate as time goes by since the coach will know you a bit better after each session.

Sometimes I’m surprised as to how accurate it got: “35min for the session? Nah this looks more like 20-25min to me, I can finish this one pretty fast!” but nope #CoachKnowsBest and I finished right on the mark of 35min :smiley:

And yes your training will increase in intensity and in length over time. As of right now, you can’t log swimming sessions as a separate activity.


@Mike thanks for your reply very clear!


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