Adding running sessions to coach training plan

Hi, today I followed my coach’s suggested workout routine and I’d like to stick with it in the days ahead. Parallelly, I’m also keen on incorporating running sessions into my routine, at a different time. Basically coach suggested workout in the morning and running session in the evening. Any advice on how to integrate them in the app? Thanks,

I think this might work on some days, but if I’m honest, I don’t know how sustainable that is do longer term (train with the app and run every single day)., but this depends hugely on both your Coach session and what kind of running you are doing.

As an example, I’m not a huge runner, but I do cycle quite long distances and there’s simply no way I could do both if I’m doing a long endurance ride.

It’s probably going to be trial and error, so try it out and just pay attention to how you feel and keep an eye on your performances. If your performance starts to drop off, it’s a good warning indicator that maybe you need to rest a little bit more.


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