Best freeletics journey

I am wondering what s the best freeletics journey for me. I am 29 yo, 171cm with 77 kg, body fat 18%, I don’t know whether to start shred and burn or weight free gain, I need to lose a little belly fat, very little. I have been training for two year with Freeletics, changed my body and appearance and I m satisfied, gained on any part but still not cut on the abs, anyway I don’t know where to go now. I was wondering if it s the case just to shred with cardio or I can shred while gaining muscle with the weights free gain journey. Thank you

Hi and happy new year.
Go for the shred&burn, it’s a good mixture of strength and cardio while focusing strength.
Or give the Freeletics hardcore a try, but this would definitely involve more cardio.

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Happy New Year to you! I would love to go with the Hardcore, is it worth without the pullout at? Next months I will be training only with resistance bands and dumbbells (7.5kg - 10kg, I got no much time to go to the gym during the day) thank you

No. Pullup bar is mandatory, that should be stated somewhere before starting the journey.
Definitely go for a pullup bar, that’s a huge limitation also for the other journeys.

I will try to get a pull up bar for home training, otw I go for shred and burn. Thank you so much