Finished my 1st journey, looking now for a suitable next one?

I finished the Hell Week of the Shred & Burn Journey today and am very excited about the Freeletics app so far.

What I like most is how uncomplicated it is and how short the workouts were on average, because I don’t like to train forever and prefer to train briefly and efficiently. What I liked most workout wise were the god workouts, the dumbbell exercises (that were thrown in every now and then) and everything which strained my muscles a bit more.

From a cardio perspective, I found the Shred & Burn quite demanding, but when it came to muscle strength, I found myself a little underchallenged at times, which is why I’m currently unsure which journey I should choose next. Can you perhaps help me make a decision here?

Because of my preference for the God Workouts, I would still like to have them regularly on my training plan. As mentioned I also like the shorter, more demanding sessions (because I have little time and don’t want to train forever; that way I’m able to motivate myself to train 3-5 days a week as a regular habit) and I would like to shift the focus a bit more to muscle strain/gain than cardio, without abandoning the cardio.

Any suggestions on what to pick next? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @rradler88

I would suggest “Weights-Free Gain” journey.

This is body weight only but if you have dumbbells selected as part of the equipment coach will throw them in too but without specifying weight so you can decide the weight for yourself.

Cardio has a lower priority on this journey but it’s not completely without it.


That sounds perfect, thank you.

The coach suggested me the dumbbell journey but the very lenghty sessions (2 hours and more) are just not doable for me, on a regular basis.

I just started dumbbell journey (4 sessions in)
It’s true, this journey is considerably longer than any body weight journey I’ve done so far.
But it’s far from “2 hours and more”

For me so far sessions are in 1 hour range give or take. Hopefully it stays this way as 1 hour is a sweet spot and anything more would seem like too much.

I really liked “Weights-Free Gain”. Only reason I started dumbbell journey is because I recently purchased adjustable dumbbells so I wanted to try it out.

Keep us posted how you find weights free gain if you decide to try it.


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I second this, my favourite journey and reading the post of @rradler88 I too thought it would be a fit

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When I selected the dumbbell journey to check how the workouts are built and how long they take, the estimation from the coach ranges from 60-130 minutes, for the first days. The shorter with 60-80mins would be borderline acceptable but 2 hours are just too long, I would for sure start to procrastinate.

Did a lot of effective dumbbell training a decade ago and there I did it the other way around. Shorter sessions with heavy loads and less repetition. Here the couch suggest less weight and a lot of repetitions.

Ashes on my head, I had misinterpreted the questions about my dumbbells.

The coach didn’t ask for my weight plates for my dumbbell bars, but instead asked for the total weight of the dumbbells.

I’ve now entered all possible combinations and now the exercises have a lot fewer repetitions and are also a lot shorter (25-60 mins) because the weight is higher.