Blocked exercises for herniated disc

I also have a herniated disc, so I shouldn’t do exercises that might injure my back. Everything is very good in the program. you can say everything from knee pain in the application and the application adjusts the exercises accordingly… but the herniated disc, which is common in hundreds of people, has been skipped. I think this is a huge miss. I was very surprised that there is no “I have a herniated disc” option in this application, where all the details are taken care of. I said I would ask the doctor or physiotherapist, but there are more than 100 movements, which one should they answer. I said I’ll take it myself. I made 3 moves on my first day. I had to deal with them all the time and my training never went well. You can also block a maximum of 10 moves. I ask you, please put an option “I have a herniated disc”. I opened a thread about it in the forum but the problem was not solved. please take the issue seriously and update the app. If this option does not come, I will regretfully have to exit this application. because choosing one by one was really tiring today. Thank you very much for your interest. Yours truly