Blocked exercises for L5 S1 herniated disc

Hello, I just bought a new subscription. I don’t know which of the blocked exercises to choose. I have L5 S1 lumbar hernia. I finished my 15 days of physical therapy last week. I have very little pain right now. Which of these exercises should I avoid? Is there a list of this? My English is not good either. So if there is a list, I will choose the blocked exercises accordingly. Many thanks for your help in advance

You should ask this your doctor or physiotherapist, not a forum :slightly_smiling_face:
After having a list of exercises you should avoid, you could exclude them manually in coach settings (as long as there are less than 10 exercises) or you write an email to support (or is there another channel @Ben?) to exclude them for you (in case there are more than ten exercises).

thanks, but there are hundreds of exercises. It is not appropriate to ask the doctor one by one… Is there anyone among us who knows the exercises that are blocked due to herniated disc?