Bring Back Finish Session

Bring back the finish workout feature. It wasn’t a good idea to listen to the users in this scenario. Now I can’t end a session and the AI that is supposed to “coach” me has no idea I’ve completed something and can’t optimize my progression.

Hi @russ.b.roberts , what do you mean exactly? The button has been removed but tapping the screen will have the exact same effect

Unfortunately I cannot. I tried at the conclusion of my initial session yesterday and was forced to close. I attempted 3 more times to no avail. I can always get to the last exercise, but it won’t let me conclude it. Support/chat just sends me to web pages where it suggests I delete the app and try again. Two attempts deleting and downloading and no change.

Hi @russ.b.roberts thanks for your message. I would suggest reporting this a bug as it’s clearly not normal