Bring back knowledge messages and motivation audio to my coach please!

Hi team. So after updating the app about a month ago or so I noticed that the knowledge messages that I typically get on the coach page (that tell what stage I am on the training journey and what to expect etc) no longer shows up.

Also the audio messages that you can usually listen to after a coach session are also no longer there. I thought this might just be a glitch for a few days but it’s been over a month now and nothing.

All I get is the coach session and “join a challenge” button. It’s really taking away from my training experience. More than I thought it would actually. I don’t know if this is just for me or it’s across the app generally as I haven’t seen any other messages on it.

Please please help.

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Hey @Deextwo :wave:t2:

Yeah, these features have been moved/removed as part of a clean-up and restructure of the app.

You can read more about it, and keep up to date on other feature removals on the conversation below :point_down:t2:


Thanks for the feedback Ben…though disappointing to hear. Are these permanent removals? I really benefited from the knowledge cards in helping me track the stage of my progress along a journey.


Thanks for the response, I was also benefitting from the mindset coach and knowledge cards. It gave me the feeling that the Coach actually is my coach and I perceived I get individual feedback based on my progress.

Having my coach be empty actually discourages me, and I feel that a training journey isn’t that special.


Also very disappointed by the coach as well as the Spotify integration (I liked the playlists too) removal.

Never heard of the Spotify integration. I always open Spotify separatly.