Change day temp in the app


I’m training mon, thus, fri, sat right now in the app.
But this week I could not train monday, but did not know how to change day in the app (only this time)
So I lost one training day this week, but for the future I want to ask if its possible to temp change days?

Hey Matthias :wave:t2:

You haven’t “lost” a day. Your training that was scheduled for Monday will have been pushed back first to Tuesday and will now be showing in the app for today. You can do it pretty much whenever you want to.

The only time this becomes a “problem” is if you are passionate about your perfect week streak, but please don’t let a badge prevent you from using the app flexibly.

If you need to change training days on a longer term basis, change the training day in your Coach settings :+1:t2:


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Hey there :smiley:

You can go to your coach tab, then on the upper right corner on the gear icon and change the option “Training days this week” (or something similar in English (it 's the option right under “training journey”.

There you can change it back and forth as it suits your week better. :wink:

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Just want to share this post on our blog-I think you’ll find it useful Matthias :point_down:t2:


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nice one indeed

Wow so quick reply, thanks allot to you both.
I read the blog text, thanks @Ben .
And thank you @ricardo , this was exakly what i was looking for! :slight_smile: