What happens if i can not do a training one day?


If for example i have chosen wednesdays and saturdays.

What happens if i can not do the class on wednesday?

Thank you!

It’ll just get moved to the next day. So if you can’t train on Wednesday, that session just will move to the Thursday.

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Thank you! And if leave one training in the middle, and the next day i have a new training?

It just keeps moving day by day.

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And if it keeps moving to a day that i already have a training ?

all the following trainings will move +1 day.

thank you! and what happens if it is movinf from saturday to sunday and i have a training o sunday? will it also move one day to monday, as it is new week will move to the next training day?

The first session will always move to the next day and the following sessions will move to the next defined trading day.
If you are not training on a Saturday, it will move to Sunday and Sunday Workout will move to your next defined training day in the next week.

Just try it.

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What is better with the app is also understand how the trainings days can move or change due to some changes you made in the app. I mean, sometimes I figured out that I see the training plan for the week, but after I make one day of training, the others change.

Think in what you want, because basically if you don’t exersice one or two days, actually nothing happens, at least with the journey or the app, or the sesions, all will be there when you come back, but, it’s important to be clear about what do you feel if someday you skip a training day or not. Some of the Freeletics ideas is " No excuses" then, the app have all for you, to guarantee that can do excersice when you want to do it, and the times you want. Notice too that the journey isn’t the only way to train, I mean I do a mix between the journey and some sessions made with my in the explore tab.

Feel free to explore the app, feel free to skip trainings, feel free to be a free athlete in the ways you can… When the time comes up you will figure out, about all the progress you did.