Training days coach

On previous versions of the app you could choose to do a workout even on days you didn’t select in the coach. For example I chose Tuesday, Thursday and Friday but if I wanted I could still do another one on Sunday. On the new version it’s not possible anymore. I find it a bit annoying that you have to change your training days. Is this change permanent?
Thank you in advance for answering

Hi Chris,
as far as I know, you have two options: First you just pick something through the Explore section, second you could select “show next coach session” and then start that session. The coach will then create a new session for the day that session was supposed to be.


Spot on, great answer :+1:t2:

@TheSwissRiders You can opt to complete a coach session whenever you want by simply selecting the next session from your coach tab just like @hph stated.

You can also chose to complete any session from the following week (assuming there are no more scheduled days in your current week) by scrolling along in the week days :point_down: