Coach workout order selection

I’ve been using the Freeletics coach for 7 years. A lot has changed, mostly for the best. The most recent change has me frustrated. The inability to skip any part of the training for a given day is not a good feature. I have progressed past what the coach offers however, I do use it and add in other lifts. For example, in barbell gain I would skip the warmup, and just do more warmup sets of bench press before my working sets. Then I add in dumbbell flys, skip the back exercise, perform overhead press, skip the back exercise, perform seated tricep extensions. The next day I go back in and perform the back exercises adding in rear delt work. And so on with other coaching sessions. This is now not possible with the new format. Ideally there would be a more hypertrophy focused coaching journey but until then, I want to pick and choose each section I perform in order to get the most out of the coach for my goals.

I completely agree that we should be able to pick the order of our workouts ourselves.

Yes, I’m aware that doing the cooldown before a run isn’t ideal but sometimes that’s what I feel like doing.

Sometimes I wanna do the short, one-minute workout before the 15-minute one. Why? Who cares, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m unhappy that they won’t let us decide for ourselves anymore.

And before people chime in and go “You can just delete the workout you want to skip”… I don’t want to skip anything, I just want to do it in a different order.

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Hey @brianwithbmw and @elias :wave:t2:

You absolutely can do this :+1:t2: You can reorder your Coach session or remove parts of it.

Just tap on the horizontal 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the workout. This will give you options to either log it manually, remove it completely from the session or postpone it to later in the session.


Thanks Ben, I’ll check it out :grinning:

Hi @Ben, unless I am completely missing something (and apologies if so), but this is not correct! You can only postpone one exercise at a time, therefore you cant really reorder the workout and you cant manually log an exercise unless it is the one right after the one you postpone.

This was all highlighted in the trial back in April and effectively break the app on some workouts. Copied from another post:

Flow view very annoying if given multiple exercises (E.g snatch L, snatch R, clean L, clean R, sit-ups, interval, burpees) because:

  • I want to do the burpees first but can’t postpone more than one exercise in a row
  • Or I have done the snatches and cleans but can’t remember what is in the interval, have to exit the session to view, then continue
  • Or I decide to postpone the sit-ups and leave the session to check what is after the interval, go back in and have to postpone the sit-ups again

If you remove an exercise from the workout, go back to the main screen to see the workout overview and then back into the session, the removed workout has reappeared

I had almost this exact situation last week- did my warmup, next was clean L and clean R. I can’t do them yet because someone else is using the kettlebells, so my only option is to remove them completely from the workout or sit and wait. Annoying, but I decided to remove them so I could get on with workout. Next up is Turkish get ups L and R, so have the same issue!

Some comments from the trial were a personal preference but what I have highlighted above makes the app unusable. All this just to save 1 click to move on to next exercise! Not an issue if we can opt in/out of using this view so why make it mandatory?

Thanks for your input! I hope Freeletics can fix this soon. It seems I’m not the only one who needs flexibility within a given workout. It seems like the original purpose of Freeletics (to be a free athlete) has been lost.

I must be missing something.

I have a workout scheduled for today. It consists of a warm-up, a run and a cooldown.

How do I do the run before the warm-up? I’m on Android and for this particular workout, I don’t even see the three horizontal dots button. I remember seeing it before though.

Furthermore, I have no idea what “Log manually” means. I remember seeing it a few days ago and trying to figure out what it means. I didn’t want to tap it in case it was something irreversible. Not the best experience, usability-wise.

Hi, you need to be on the start screen and the dots are in the top right corner of the screen. When you tap on them a sub mune opens at the bottom of the screen.
You can pick postpone and then start the next exercise. It’s not perfect but it will work for what you want to do.

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Today I only have a regular workout scheduled (not a run) but yeah, I don’t have the option of postponing the warm-up here either.

I used to be able to just start whichever part of the workout I wanted, whether it be part of the actual workout, the cooldown or the warm-up.

Just a short question. Did you press “Start” or did you just touch the “warmup” button?
Because if I press on start then I have the three dots at the top right corner. If I only go on warmup to look what will be in it, I can’t see the three dots either.