Some general feedback

Hi everyone. I finally found the best way to incorporate Freeletics into my regular workout. For those that didn’t see my posts some months ago, I was unhappy with the Freeletics design for barbell training. I still feel it pushes to overtraining and doesn’t allow a lot of variety, ending up being extremely boring after a while (even the hybrid journey). So now my trick to have workouts that I enjoy and keep me motivated is:

  1. Dumbbell journey - 5x a week, max 30 minutes per workout.
  2. My first exercise of the day is a big lift, that I add to the workout (deadlift, bench press, squat, overhead press and barbell row).
  3. Replace simpler exercises at the end with harder, bodyweight exercises (e.g. side tricep dips for bar or ring dips, supermans with pullups…).
    So far this is working great for me. Only thing I don’t like is the fact that on the dumbbell journey, the coach does not include the skill progressions. What a shame, I hope the devs will change that soon. Just wanted to give my recent feedback in case anyone may find it useful. Cheers!

Thanks @nsnown ! Yes, it does feel like a combo Barbell/dumbell/skill progression within each session would be great. Sort of like a Power Lifting journey

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