Workout days best to plan

Hi everyone,
I have a question maybe for the the app creators but I will like to know everyone opinion.
Unfortunate I can’t have a week been the same all the time to workout, sometimes I can workout 3 times other times I can to do 5 times, and the days isn’t all the time the same.
How do you guys tell the app when do you can workout?
If you workout day yes and day no, how do you plan that in the app?

If you know, you want to train three days a week, but cannot exactly name the weekdays, just select random days. You can train whenever you want. If you miss a day, the session will be postponed to the next planned coach weekday. And if you want to train on an “unplanned” day, you can start the next coach day out of this.


Thanks for the quick reply, so, if I select every day or just select 2 will be ok anyway?
Doesn’t go to change the workout time and plan?

Sorry for this maybe silly questions, been a long time without using Freeletics and I remember doesn’t show any workout plan in non selected trains days.

I don’t understand what you mean with this.
Do you mean whether the journey changes corresponding to selected days?
The only affect I recognized is the order of sessions (interval or god) but not content.

Keep in mind:
Trivially, if you pick more session than you actually manage, the “weeks in a row” count will be reset. If you are interested to keep this count alive, than you should pick more pessimistically.

Ya that’s it :wink:

By default and I will do my best to maintain the same number every week, no more than I have planed.