Community Workout #1

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

So we are ready to throw down the gauntlet to you all for our first ever Community Challenge!

Our first challenge, Medium Core, comes from a member of the Freeletics Community.

3 rounds of

10 x Pushups
20 x Crunches
20 x Plank Knees-to-Chest
20 x Reverse Crunches
15s Rest

:fire: Here is the workout link if you want to take part! :fire:

Let us know how you get on below, and make sure you share your one of your own workouts to be considered for next months Community Throwdown :point_down:t2:

Just a tip to consider if you want to submit a Community Workout: Try to make it accessible as possible! So this means:

  • Not too difficult (perhaps dragonflags, knee jumps are not the best exercises to include)
  • Bodyweight only - not everyone has access to dumbbells, kettlebells, PUBs etc



Thanks for sharing @Ben!
That looks like fun!

I’ll try it out and post my feedback here :smile:



I want more challenges :grin: