Registering workouts from outside the app

As someone has pointed out, the main feature of freeletics is the coach that will just give you your exercises for the day and you don’t have to work out for yourself what you should do or make any workouts.

But, I’m probably not the only one that do other workouts beside freeletics. (When my leg heal) I will use my pulse and activity watch for a running program in addition to freeletics. Since I always track activity and workouts with the watch, it can advise me also based on my freeletics sessions, but the other way around is not that straightforward.

A run might not be that hard to add to freeletics afterwards, but I might go for a swim or have a training session with a PT. I definitely will use a PT when it is time to train my leg up again.

My point is that if I don’t add these things to freeletics, my coach will think I did nothing those days and that I should be ready for a hard workout, when maybe I should be recovering.

Could you please make it easier to add workouts done? Last time I checked you could only add one exercise at a time by finding the exercise and hitting the “+”. Unless I create a workout I guess, and then log that as done? I wouldn’t know because I’ve never took the time it takes to make a workout with all the scrolling needed. I don’t know, maybe my requested functionality could be more closely integrated with the create workout function.

It needs to be able to filter exercises on muscle group, equipment and type (cardio, strength, flexibility, warm up, cool down…). I “never” remember exercise name, especially not in English, and scrolling through all is…
Maybe have some “often used” exercises or option to sort the exercises that way?
Also, maybe the app could be made smart enough to suggest I add an exercise for left side if I just added the same exercise for right side?

It must be possible to duplicate exercises easily (several sets), and to add supersets (“rounds”?)

It should also be possible to store the workout for later and to log it again another time with whatever changes to weight or reps you did and if you had to substitute some equipment or exercises.

This is probably a lot, but I think this is what it would take (at least) to make me log all my training to Freeletics.