Data Request: Lists of Freeletics Single Exercises and GOD Workouts

Hello there! I love creating my own workouts with the Freeletics app. I’ve been doing this already, but I would like some more information from you to further develop myself and raise my workouts to a higher level. I have two small questions for you:

One, could you provide me with a complete list of all Single exercises that are present in the app?

And two, is it possible to send me a list of all GOD Workouts, including the Single exercises?

Would you be able to send me this information in Excel?

I really appreciate all the help you can offer. Thank you!

Hi @Jadcoffy, unfortunately we cannot provide you with a list of all God workouts at the moment. If you are looking for a specific one or one that fits your need at the moment, you can always see all Gods under “Explore all” → “God workouts”. You can also filter them by level, muscle group, duration or required equipment.
You can see all single exercises under “Explore all” → “Single exercises”. Please note that as of now, not all single exercises can be implemented in the workout creator.

I’d like to map out all 385 single exercises myself. This is allowed in text please