Dumbbells gain changing structure

Hi everyone, I’m in session number 18 of the dumbbell gain training journey with the week set to 4 days and today the training structure has changed for the first time. Until yesterday, 5 series were always proposed in the first interval and 4 series for each exercise in the following ones. but today I had seven sets for the first interval, two for the second and six for the third. The next session will instead start with an interval consisting of 3 sets of an exercise. I also made this TJ a year ago and I’ve never had a similar structure change happen to me. Is this an update?
Thank you
Gian Luca

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hi, today I did session number 32 and the number of sets changed after a period in which they were once again structured in 5+4+4 rounds. Today I had a first interval consisting of 2 sets, the second of 3, the third of 5 and the fourth of 4 sets. Next week will be the first day of 7+6+4+2, the second day of 7+5+2+4, the third of 7+4+2 and the fourth of 6+6+2+2.
I’m not critical of this change, it’s fine with me, I just want to understand if it’s an AI choice or if the developers wanted to change the program. Anyway, I would like to know the reasons. Thank you!

Hi @GianLuke , I have never done the dumbbell TJ so I can’t really give much insights. But I would say usually, changing up the reps and sets enables you to lift heavier for shorter period of time thus emphasising on developing strength. And lower reps for longer sets would work on muscle endurance and hypertrophy.
For example, there is a very popular hypertrophy training called German Volume Training where you essentially do 10 sets of 10 reps at 60% of your 1 RM.

I think the Coach here is trying to mix up your training in order to condition your muscles in different way and enabling you to go up in numbers for certain movements. Also using endurance training for complementary lifts.
This way you’re exposing your body to the 3 mains style of training: strength, hypertrophy and endurance.

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Thanks a lot for the answer. I have these doubts because a year ago when I first performed this TJ the number of rounds per session were always the same. These TJs with dumbbells or the barbell always have the same program every time you repeat it as opposed to bodyweight training journeys that personalize each session. That’s why I’m curious to know if there have been any changes to the coach’s artificial intelligence :blush:

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Hey @GianLuke , yeah that is definitely possible that the AI is always improving and changing based on other users and your own feedbacks! And also the FL must always be working on improving it.
Just my guesses but it looks that way based on what you’re saying :slight_smile:

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Hey @GianLuke, I just heard from the Freeletics team, and can confirm that indeed the AI has been updated. Congrats for noticing!
This change will lead to even more personalised sessions, so not only the number of reps and weights for certain exercises, but also the number of sets will now be scaled in the future.

This gives the Coach a much increased flexibility to make session assignments that are more appropriate to the training goal.


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Thank you Tom, this is a good news!

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hi Tom, do you have any way to find out what is the logic according to which the AI ​​selects the number of rounds of the intervals? It’s something I’d like to understand to train with more awareness. thanks!:blush:

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Hey @GianLuke, here is a breakdown:

  • 1-5 reps: focus on strength
  • 6-12 reps: focus on hypertrophy
  • 13+ reps: focus on endurance.

It is sort of a spectrum so the lower the reps to more focus on strength it will be and the higher the more focus on muscle endurance you will work.
For example, if there is set at 8 reps, you will both work on strength and hypertrophy, with a slight emphasis en hypertrophy.
For example 15 reps, you will work on both hypertrophy and endurance, with a slight emphasis on endurance.

I hope that makes sense!

Thank you Tom for the reply but my question was about the logic behind the number of rounds which while previously had a fixed structure now appears to be variable.

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So the change just allows the Coach to better assign a total workload.

The best example I can think of, Athletes doing DB or KB with a very limited range of weights, with a big jump between, would often get assigned sets with 1-2 reps when the Coach progressed to a higher weight as has been mentioned elsewhere on this Forum. This shouldn’t happen as much now, as the Coach has more flexibility to make appropriate session assignments.


Hey @GianLuke sorry about that haha!
I didn’t have any explanation on that so thanks @Ben


There is another news! It is now possible to ask the coach for a shorter weight session using the “adapt” command :muscle:t2:

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