Help with dumbbell exercises, AI wrong?

Hi everyone, i set on my settings on the dumbbell gain journey the current ones that you see on the picture. But in the exercise they tell me to use “dumbbells” of 12kg when on the settings i have single 12kg and not pair. Did i do something wrong ?? Any information will be helpful, thanks !!

Same thing in the 2 nd exercise, they tell me to use pairs of 14 kg when i only have one, even if it means the total weight , i never mentioned in the settings that i have 2 pairs of 7. Its strange

Hey @Zoski98 :wave:t2:

Hope you’re doing well and enjoying this journey-first thing I wanted to say is it’s great that you have such a wide range of weights enabled here. Having a wide range is really important to make sure you get the most out of any Training Journey.

On to your question, this will seem strange initially but this is deliberate. I’ve said before elsewhere that we need to try and do better explaining this in the app, and that is probably still the case. I explain a bit here :point_down:t2:

So with your Dumbbell Presses here, you should adapt the exercise to use your single 14 kg weight.

Hope that’s clear!


You are telling me to do this exercise and every one of them that asks for a double pair of dumbbells two times?

I dont see the logic on that mate, besides losing time. If this is a problem with de IA they have to fix it right now, because they will be more people in the future with the same problem. Im not happy with this sincerely.

Hey again, I know it’s not ideal and it is something that we are aware off.

Regarding this :point_up:t2:, no, you should do this once only. Where the Coach wants you to use to separate dumbbells it will state “2 x”. For this exercise it isn’t telling you to use 2 weights, it is telling you to use a single “14 kg” weight. So you do the stated exercise, for the stated reps shown using a single 14 kg weight. This doesn’t lose you any time-you are still only doing 14 reps.


No mate, instead of doing them at once, i have to do it first with one hand and then with the other hand. And in the exercises i find the difference when he says Dumbbell or Dumbbells.
Thank you for your help

Okey Ben, i see what you trying to say.

So the IA understands and knows, and on his settings he can put you an exercise where you can make it with only one dumbbell, even if you need two. So this are basics on his conscience to make this decission. Now my question is. Where it differs to choose on the settings single o pair of dumbbells, i mean can you give an example of the usage on both cases or they utility. Thanks in advance!