Excluding Exercise

Coach has assigned Romanian deadlifts to me, I am unable to do them due to a hernia in my lower back.

When I go to the list of exercises to exclude I am surprised to find the Romanian deadlift isn’t there, surprised due to it being a very common exercise, and it being one which has actually been assigned to me.

Pictures to show this:

As I remember correctly, you are not able to exclude journey specific equipped exercises while doing an equipped journey; any dumbbell exercises couldn’t be exclude doing the dumbbell journey, any barbell exercises doing the barbell journey.
“You decide for this equipment, so it’s assumed you check your health/mobility in order to do so” so to say.

Yeah, I decided for the equipment, but not for the movement. You can take a person and have them able to perform most movements with a given piece of equipment, but they may not be able to perform 1-2. In my case heavy movements with an unsupported lower back can be iffy, that is not to say I am unable to use a barbel, I can and have used barbells before, I just know which exercises I should avoid.

Limitation in the programming I suppose.

Hi @nicholas_ellul , feel free to make a mental note of the exercise you want to replace the Romanian Deadlift with and keep track of it in the app when the RDL comes up. as you long as you are consistent in your scaling then you can still use the app to track your weight and reps.