Dumbbell Gain Journey replace exercise

Please consider the ability to replace an exercise with alternative suggestions that work the same muscles but with simpler moves. For Example “Double Dumbbells Bulgarian Split Squats” are a bit difficult to perform and I always do a variation with my back leg on the floor.

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Sounds like an interesting feature, another way to approach this is to exclude “Double Dumbbells Bulgarian Split Squats” in your coach. I hope that should work, but not a perfect solution to your problem.

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Hi thanks for the reply. Didn’t know it was possible to exclude exercises from the coach? There is an “Adapt Session” option before you start the workout but that excludes body parts (Upper, lower etc). Haven’t found anything else, could you please give further details? That’d be great!

EDIT: Just found out that excluding option is only available on Bodyweight programs.

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