changing/Removingcertain exercises

I have one rare disease and I’m unable to turn my left hand as right hand

So, I can’t do biceps curls, for example. That would be great, if I could choose an alternative, which includes not only biceps, but I will at least be able to do it. Or just let me remove it completely, because there is no way I’ll be able to do it one day


Hi @YSPESHNUY , welcome to the forum!
In your coach setting (top right-hand corner of your coach tab), you can exclude exercises, such as the dumbbell curl.


I only have training days and inventory


That is weird indeed! I have never done the dumbbell journey, perhaps it is not possible to modify the exercises pool for this journey.
Could you swap the bicep curls by hammer curls? as in this position, your hands are not facing upwards but facing each other instead?

Yep, that’s the exercise that I was doing that time

Oh okay! You could also do a reverse curl, which is when your hands are facing down.

Hi Tom. Do you know if someday it would be possible to do so with barbell exercises? I have problems with overhead press (I don’t have enough space at home, giving the size of the bumpers) but I can’t find the specific exercise within exclusions. Thanks

Hi @NachoTebar, unfortunately, I don’t really know… Could you swape with dumbbell overhead presses?

No, I couldn’t, same problem with height. I am doing military press instead, which I find a bit dangerous to my shoulders, but so far, so good. Thank you for your response.

Hi @NachoTebar , if you have a bench, you can do seated dumbbell overhead press as well :slight_smile:

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This :point_up:t2: is exactly what I would try to here :+1:t2:

Unfortunately this is also correct :point_up:t2: It’s not actually possible to exclude exercises in any Weights Journey by design.


@TomG is on :fire: :wink: I would suggest trying to do the exact same thing here.


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I have this kind of problem too, my shoulder have some restrictions and I should not raise then over my head because of a calcification, if I keep doing that it will develop into a bursitis/tendonites or something like that, so I need to keep changing most of triceps exercises, but sometimes I dont know if I’m doing a fine replacement or not, also I think that the progression of the journey is impaired since if the app is telling me to do one exercise with the desired weight and repetitions, and I do another one it might impact on the recommendation of the next exercise. As its already happened, it recommend me to do something I couldn’t yet.