Fitness goals for 2022

I think we should get the ball rolling with a 2022 fitness and nutrition goals thread as I’m sure some of us are starting to think about these now :muscle:t2:

For the coming year my own goals are:

  • Not to have any energy or soft drinks throughout the whole year (both are really quite a bad addiction at the moment :see_no_evil::gun: )
  • To do an extra stretching/flexibility workout from the Explore tab every morning-currently I am as flexible as a plank of wood
  • And I’m rolling over my 2021 cycling goal as Covid put a hole in that one :sob:
  • I’m also going to share my daily Veganuary progress in a thread in the Nutrition section-feel free to pop in and share any :broccoli: plant based recipes you have to spice up my diet!

What are your own goals for next year?



Here are my fitness, nutrition and community goals für 2022 :muscle: :fire:

Get in same shape like 2017, but maybe it is more a dream than a goal :roll_eyes:
Doing more often an extra workout from the explore tab with foam roller
I buyed some weights (dumbbells), will look if I use it now more often with training partner than going alone to gym

Not have dinner after 9pm, try to eat between 8 and 9pm regularly
Cooking more receipts from the freeletics nutrition app or pamela reif
Invest more time in topic nutrition

Offer more outdoor group workouts for community than in 2021
Introducing a new group workout format with equipment
Continue the way since 2018 to build up community in munich


My fitness goals are:

  • Stick with my workout routine and add another training day per week more often

  • Mastering skills like Muscle Ups, Hanstand Push-ups, Planche and Front/Back Lever

  • Reducing sweets and snacks a bit more

Good luck to both of you :clap:


My goals for the year:

  • Add in more cardio to my routine via skipping.
  • Continue to work on my upper body strength, aiming for push-ups/handstands/pull-ups (push-ups first, but longer-term goals are the other two!).
  • Lift heavier!
  • Eat healthier, try and moderate my sweet tooth more!

Hi I’m Carlos. Happy new year y’all!

My goals for this 2022:

  • Add one more day in my weekly strength training routine (4 in total)
  • Master the calisthenics basics (push ups, strict pull ups, Straight bar dips, parallel bars dips, pistol squats)
  • Get more stronger with the help of the weights journeys
  • Add one day of Cardio or HIIT to my week
  • Add evening recovery sessions (foam rolling, mobility and stretching)
  • continue with the healthy nutrition I am consuming now

Thank you for the space and motivation!


Hey Rolf :wave:t2:

I really like this one :point_down:t2: , I really want to start training more with a group again this year! :crossed_fingers:t2: the whole Covid situation starts to ease up and makes this easier!


+1 on this one Moritz :see_no_evil: Easier said then done :sob:


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I LOVE adding jump rope workouts-when I am doing a Coach session I almost always try to add at least one of these to the end of my session!


Hey Ben, yes, I totally agree! Hopefully corona allows it and we can have much more community activity on the training ground, maybe see you then :wink: :muscle:

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If my last year goals was just to get back in the shape and i did reach my goal😎then this year ill go more into details so here it goes. able to do pullups. Been avoiding this bar now forever, only thing i can do is to hang in there😆. Put one up now on my bedroom doorframe to stare at me everyday,so lets see what will happen…
2. Half marathon in cross country skiing. Not exactly freeletics challenge😆, but i did use this program to build up muscle for 3months for this challange.worked really well.
3. I do love running and i have gotten my stamina back so new goal"Run a Half marathon" :heart_eyes:. Just waiting for the season.


I like the idea of putting this down somewhere so I can hold myself to these (or delete the account if all goes wrong :wink: ):

  • continue the progression of past 2 years even with returning to office
  • master one arm push-ups, pull-ups and dragonflags. Currently I can do, I want to excel
  • run close to 45min 10km in the Singapore heat
  • Drink less booze, cut the “cheat meals” back again to 2 a week max
  • continue with 75% of meals meat free
  • say hello to my abs again, I found them last year after about 20 years, but they hiding again after the holidays
  • most importantly, continue to enjoy living healthy

I have been following this and it has made a huge change to my energy levels. I do not suddenly feel drained out anymore.